Automated Hotel Parking Systems

Hotel car parking is a necessity, not an option. Automated Parking Systems provide hotels and hotel guests with more convenience, satisfaction and security compared to conventional solutions.

Hotel Parking Challenge

Car parking at a hotel or hotel parking is a critical element of the "guest experience" for those in the hospitality industry. Managing the hotel-parking portion of the guest experience is especially difficult for hotels in urban settings. The hotel may have no parking, thus requiring guests to find their own parking. The hotel may have its own parking but it's often limited. Hotels may provide valet parking but guests get anxious about complete strangers driving their cars and parking them in unknown places. Then there are other issues such as parking safety, security, convenience, waiting time, etc.

Hotel Parking Experience

The ideal hotel parking experience would include the following:

  • Plenty of highly-secure, indoor parking spaces available
  • Cars locked by guests and not touched or driven by anyone else
  • Ultra-fast, convenient and very safe parking and retrieval of cars
  • Guests leaving with a positive impression of the hotel parking arrangements

Ideal Hotel Parking

Fortunately, Automated Parking Systems or APS can meet or exceed all of the conditions for ideal hotel parking as described above.  

An APS is an automatic, robotic valet parking system. The guest drives into a "lobby" in the APS, exits and locks the car, takes a ticket and exits directly into the hotel or onto the sidewalk next to the hotel. The system automatically transports the car to a parking space protected from people and the weather. Skyline APS provide up to twice as many parking spaces as conventional car parks and are much less expensive to build and operate when parking is underground.  

For adding hotel parking spaces, especially in congested urban locations, APS are the ideal solution.

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