Residential & Commercial Parking Solutions

Speed is critical when it comes to putting an APS in place for mixed-use parking. Our systems provide industry-leading speed.

Mixed-Use Parking Solutions

Mixed-use parking is a concept to minimize the use of land for parking usually in or near city centers. Land use is reduced by optimizing the utilization of parking spaces. Under the typical mixed-use concept, parking spaces used for commercial or retail business by day are also used for alternative parking purposes such as residential, dining or entertainment during evenings or overnight.  

In many city centers, planners and developers seek opportunities to develop mixed-use parking as a means to alleviate traffic congestion caused by a lack of available parking.

The small size and variety of configurations of Skyline Automated Parking Systems enable mixed-use parking to be located in and around city centers on land that isn't readily usable for other purposes. Moreover, existing parking lots and car parks can be replaced with APS to substantially increase the number of parking spaces without using any additional land. APS are ideal for creating mix-used parking in redevelopment projects and city centers where land parcels are often small and irregularly shaped.

Inherently Better Parking for Mixed-Use

APS provide a benefit that is a necessity for some mixed-use parking applications: inherently safe and secure parking. The unique design of an APS eliminates opportunities for crime and accidents that can occur in conventional car parks. Car theft and vandalism as well as personal crimes, such as robbery, assault and worse, are virtually impossible due to the driverless nature of parking in an APS.

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