Improved Parking for People with Disabilities

Automated Parking Systems make approaching, entering and exiting vehicles substantially easier for people with disabilities.

Handicap Parking 

Typical parking solutions accessible to people with disabilities have numerous shortcomings for developers, property owners and the public.  

The typical solution for handicapped parking is to reserve a number of special parking spaces close to a building or store entrance. Parking spaces for the disabled, by handicap parking law, are typically 30-60% wider than regular parking spaces to accommodate the wide opening of car doors or for access by wheelchairs and/or lifts. 

Disabled Parking Problems

The larger handicapped parking spaces consume additional valuable land. Moreover, people with disabilities usually have to traverse part of the parking area, go through a lobby, get into an elevator and go out through another lobby just to reach the sidewalk, in multi-story parking garages or car parks.

Disabled Parking Solutions

Automated Parking Systems or APS provide a solution to all of the above issues.  

Since the APS parks and retrieves the cars, all drivers use the same convenient, large entrance and exit areas. No extra space is needed for disabled parking since all drivers and passengers exit the vehicles before they are put into parking spaces. In fact, APS can typically park more than twice as many cars as typical multi-story parking garages.

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