Inherently More Secure Car Parking

Automated Parking Systems minimize opportunities for criminals in car parks   

Improving Parking Garage Security

Parking garage security is a critical issue in the car parking industry, the proof being all of the security products available such as lighting, cameras, barriers, access control, sensors and security systems. However, these products are simply an attempt to minimize risks and hazards associated with parking garage security. A better approach is to eliminate risks and hazards by design rather than trying to control them. In the car parking industry, only Automated Parking Systems or APS offer this level of improved, inherent parking garage security. 

Inherent Parking Garage Security

Inherently safer designs for parking garage security follow sound principles used throughout the industry. Rather than designing and adding protection systems, look for practical ways to first eliminate risks and hazards and thereby minimize the need for protection. Such designs eliminate the need for protection systems that are subject to failure and malfunction and often expensive.  

Automated Parking Systems offer an inherently safer design by eliminating humans from the parking process and prohibiting them from accessing the parking area.  

High-precision machinery moves cars into and out of indoor parking spaces automatically. This keeps cars secure against accidents, scrapes, dents, vandalism and the weather. It also substantially increases parking garage security since drivers and passengers don't have to walk through dimly-lit parking areas filled with shadows and hiding places.

Eliminating Risks and Hazards

Removing people from the parking process and area eliminates the vast majority of risks and hazards associated with car parking. Very few risks and hazards present themselves with an APS:

  • No extra lighting or sensors to install and operate
  • No barriers or access systems to monitor or control
  • No security staff or regular patrols to rely upon
  • No security cameras to monitor
  • No emergency fire exits or suppression for the parking area
  • No stairs or walkways for tripping, falling down, etc.

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