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The Automated Parking System is redefining project design and improving economics    

APS Benefits for Car Park Development

Property and real estate developers are more frequently turning to Automated Parking Systems (APS) to address a broad range of car park development challenges such as feasibility and profitability.

Here are ten ways that APS benefit property development:

1. More Land to Use

For same number of parking spaces, APS require significantly less land area and volume than other parking options. This makes more land available for non-parking use.

2. Parking Optimized for Profitability

The design flexibility allows APS to turn areas otherwise unusable by conventional solutions into profitable parking, e.g. inside, underneath or between existing buildings, narrow alleys and irregularly-shaped spaces.

3. Capital Cost

The substantially smaller size and design flexibility of APS can significantly reduce car park development and overall capital costs.

4. Reduced O&M

APS have a distinct advantage requiring no or minimal lighting, ventilation, fire suppression, monitoring, clean up, staffing and security measures for enclosed parking areas.

5. Sustainable Building

APS offer numerous advantages over conventional parking for achieving sustainable car park development goals: more green space and solar access, fewer CO2 emissions, excavation and storm water runoff and use of substantially more recycled and recyclable building materials.

6. Inherent Security

Vandalism, theft and personal crimes are virtually impossible in an APS since the car parking area is inaccessible to people – that means no drivers, passengers and criminals.

7. Lower Risk & Liability

APS greatly reduce the risk of and liability associated with dents, scratches, other damage and vandalism to cars, theft of property from cars, car theft, robbery, arson, fire, assault, rape, falls and suicide.

8. Tax Advantages

Where accelerated depreciation is allowed for car park development, APS may offer significant tax advantages for car park development because of the higher percentage of equipment investment compared to conventional solutions.

9. Faster Construction

APS are typically faster and easier to erect than larger monolithic concrete car parks. This leads to reduced construction costs, less interest during construction and allows revenue to start being generated more quickly.

10. Other Factors

Other APS benefits include customizable exteriors, reduced visual impact, valet-like parking and parking provided in premium locations.

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Ten Ways Automated Parking Systems Increase Property Development Profitability

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