Premium Parking for Everyone

Automated Parking Systems offer the optimum car parking solution for developers, users, operators, investors and more…   

Premium Parking for Developers

For property and real estate developers, APS provide a great deal of opportunities for higher profits and benefitting the community alongside premium parking.  

Automated parking, compared to conventional car parks, decreases the land needed for parking by as much as 70%. That means up to 70% more land for larger apartments, bigger offices, spacious greenspace, great playgrounds, etc. Besides faster, safer and more secure parking, it creates opportunities for premium property values, premium income potential and premium community desirability.

Premium Parking for Users

  • For users, automated parking offers all the benefits of VIP valet parking without any of the drawbacks:
  • Like valet parking, users simply drive in and leave their cars to be parked or have their parked cars quickly delivered to them
  • However, unlike valet parking:
    - No one enters or drives the cars - users lock their cars and take the keys with them
    - Automated parking keeps cars inherently more safer and more secure
    - Automated parking retrieves parked cars up to 80% faster

Premium Parking, Automated Parking & Sustainability

Few would accept premium parking that is harmful to the environment, inconvenient for drivers with disabilities or disturbing to the community. Automated parking eliminates all of these challenges.  

Automated parking scores very well in terms of the environment and sustainability according to BREEAM, LEED and other guidelines. The land volume and energy efficiency of APS certainly helps people to stay positive about premium parking. Moreover, Automated Parking Systems are either built to match the style of the surrounding neighborhood or to liven it up.  

Drivers and passengers with disabilities enjoy ample space for entering and exiting their vehicles with automated parking, even with wheelchair lifts. In fact, all drivers and passengers enjoy the premium parking experience of dropping their cars off directly at the entrance to the parking facility.

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More information about Automated Parking Systems

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