More parking in less space... anywhere!

Skyline systems stand for state-of-the-art automated parking systems (APS). The flexible and space-efficient products offer parking solutions for a broad range of needs and applications.

Skyline L-Park

  • Highly flexible configuration

  • For use above or under new or existing structures

  • Car retrieval times of less than 60 seconds

  • Simple, reliable and proven vehicle transportation technologies

  • Each installation holds between 80 and several thousand cars

The Skyline L-Park automated parking solution features a vehicle storage and retrieval machine (SRM). The flexibility of the L-Park APS maximizes the number of car parking spaces virtually anywhere…even where it is impossible or unfeasible to use traditional parking solutions.

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Skyline T-Park

  • Freestanding tower for construction above or below ground

  • Car retrieval times of less than 60 seconds

  • Double the density offered by conventional parking

  • Secure & spacious vehicle lobbies

The Skyline T-Park is a "tower" automated parking solution utilizing a cylindrical car parking arrangement served by a central lift system in its core. The T-Park is a simple, scalable, high capacity car parking solution that is ideally suited for square or circular areas aboveground, underground or mixed. A single T-Park APS can provide up to 234 parking spaces in a tower with a diameter of 23m (75 ft)..

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Automated Parking Blog

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Skyline solutions are custom designed to deliver the optimum experience. We invite you to learn more about Automated Parking Systems (APS) in general or to read about the advantages of Skyline solutions.

How Automated Parking Systems (APS) work

Advantages of our parking solutions

More information about Automated Parking Systems

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