Parking spaces where you need them.

Flexibility is the trademark of the Skyline L-Park APS. The L-Park car parking system enables you to put parking spaces in places conventional car parking simply doesn't fit or isn't feasible. You can put an L-Park inside or underneath an existing building, a courtyard a narrow alley or an irregularly-shaped area either horizontally, vertically or both ways.

Key facts about the L-Park:

  • Highly flexible configuration for use above or under new or existing buildings

  • Car parking system size and shape is optimized for the available space

  • Number of parking spaces on each level is determined by the design

  • Parking levels may have varying heights for different sized cars

  • Car retrieval times of less than 60 seconds

  • Double the density offered by conventional car parks

  • Number of entry/exit lobbies is optimized for each application

  • Lobbies can be located on different sides and different levels

  • Operation is fully automatic with redundant systems

  • L-Park APS naturally provide more safety and security than traditional parking

Download the L-Park product fact sheet

The Skyline L-Park combines a vehicle storage and retrieval machine (SRM) with a superfast and reliable conveyor transport technology. A SRM is a combination of equipment and controls that handles, stores, and retrieves cars computer-controlled with precision, accuracy and speed. The range of parking system configurations includes single or double depth parking spaces, spaces on only one or both sides of the SRM and parking spaces arranged for either head-in or lateral parking.

Learn how car parking systems like the Skyline L-Park make parking easier for the disabled.

More information about Automated Parking Systems

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