AZW – Zurich

Key facts

  • Parking & Storage Space for a Car Dealership

  • Auto Züri West AG – Zürcherstrasse 143 – 8952 Zurich-Schlieren (CH)

  • Offering space for 128 cars

Auto Züri West is revolutionising vehicle presentation. This fully automated and highly visible Skyline system offers a completely new type of display space. Not only can more cars be displayed on the smallest available floor space, they can also be presented attractively to customers. With the construction of the modern Display Tower, Auto Züri West is ushering in a new era. The Skyline T-Park is not only environmentally friendly (small footprint and no CO2 emissions), it also reflects the image of a successful automobile supplier: convenient, trendy, fast, clean, aesthetically pleasing and trendsetting.

For customers, the Skyline T-Park offers the ultimate shopping experience. Vehicles are quickly and efficiently presented in the showroom at the press of a button or delivered when bought.

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