St. Claraspital, Basel

Key facts:

L-Park for St. Claraspital

  • Custom L-Park – the most space-efficient parking solution

  • Designed for 99 parking spaces on 2 levels 

  • Includes both single and double-depth parking spaces to maximize space utilization 

  • A vehicle entry lobby plus an exit lobby with turntable for easy and convenient entrance and exit

  • Vehicle transports on both level provide the fastest parking and retrieval in the industry

  • Installed under and integrated with building structure

St. Claraspital

  • St. Claraspital is a large acute hospital in Basel, Switzerland and specializes in cancer, gastrointestinal, and metabolic treatment 

  • Founded in 1928, it now has 230 beds and 1200 employees from 35 nations – about 100 are doctors 

  • With 230 beds, it treats roughly 8,000 inpatients and 15,000 outpatients per year 

  • Has major expansion to serve expected 20% increase in patients over next decade 

  • More patients and staff require more parking…more space-efficient parking

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