The Beacon, Hemel Hempstead, London

Key facts:

  • Europe’s most space-efficient parking facility with each parking space requiring an area of circa. 16 m2 and a volume of 38 m3 - over 50% less than a typical conventional car park.

  • The system averages circa. 45 seconds to park or retrieve a car, making it the fastest underground Automated Parking System in existence for a system of this size and configuration.

  • Over 23 m construction depth saving compared to a conventional car park.

  • A capacity of over 320 parking spaces

  • 2 vehicle entry/exit lobbies

  • Double-depth vehicle parking

  • 2 vehicle storage and retrieval systems

  • 2 vehicle lifts

The Beacon is designed to be the world’s most sustainable luxury tower, offering a superb variety of 272 zero-emission residences. The Beacon’s many features include:

  • The UK’s only multi-dwelling, energy-neutral building with an EPC of A+

  • The world’s highest density vertical solar farm

  • Groundbreaking energy conservation and recovery measures for energy independence

  • Ground and air source heat pumps, quadruple-glazed glass, LED lighting and rainwater recycling

  • Advanced Skyline technology for underground automated parking

  • The UK's first electric car and electric bike share scheme for residents

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